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Hood Picasso makes the “crispiest” jeans around.

The Kansas City native, now stationed out of Atlanta, has been making headway in the underground fashion industry.

As a kid the designer could never sit still and focus on school or TV, but he could always lock in on making art. His art pursuits started with customizing shoes & eventually turned into designing custom jeans.

At 17 Hood Picasso scored a 30 on his ACT and was accepted to The University Of Kansas on a full ride, where he majored in industrial design.


Sadly, during his freshman year of college, his mother passed at the young age of 50.

With the loss of his mother, he lost focus on school and dropped out after the first year. With the intention of never working a 9-to-5, the designer doubled down to make a way through clothes.

Even so, his passion shined through, with even the smallest sale being enough inspiration to continue with life in fashion. Like most small businesses, sales started slow but he knew it was only a matter of time.

“It made me wanna hustle and grind to make more.”

Soon enough, the business caught fire, direct messages started rolling in and he was selling jeans at full tilt.

Nowadays, during a slow week, he will sell about 10 pairs. During a peak week, he can sell up to 10 pairs a day.


When we go behind the scenes the designer says it’s a relatively simple process. The process takes ab

out thirty minutes to an hour per pair. He doesn’t plan out his designs beforehand, but the inspiration for the jeans usually comes naturally.

“This is what I do, this is my God-given talent. If I sit down I’m gonna finish a pair,” Picasso said.

He doesn’t design for anybody but himself, and when it comes to drops and products it's all about how he's feeling.

He can drop an item, a collection, whatever feels right.

His creative freedom allows him to make whatever designs and sizes he wants. He knows they are coming to him for his custom jeans. He says, even if he only makes three jeans as long as the designs are true to himself and his style he is confident they will sell.

His ability to control the give and take with his customers has developed into a strong crowd appeal. Being able to release clothes at any given point has led to people asking for pairs long before he releases anything.

“When people mess with you, you don’t have to be on time.”

The designer wants to stay true to himself, he says, and he does that through designing and making jeans.


However, making jeans isn’t just cut and sew.

Hood Picasso says that the only thing that slows him down, is himself. His biggest obstacles don’t come from design, rather the pressures of the outside world. Progressing through this career, his personal and professional life have often clashed.

The designer admits that depression has been an ongoing struggle since a young age. With being an up and coming artist, maintaining a constant presence and fresh appearance on social media is a necessity that is often difficult to handle.

As the troubles of the outside world affect him, Hood Picasso continually finds room to grow. The designer has been able to find help through others around him to keep moving.

With the help of a close knit team that he has built, he is able to manage the stress of social media and the other hardships of life.

“They make me a better me,” Picasso said.


As Hood Picasso's stardom continues to grow he has crossed paths with larger stars, artists such as 21 Savage and Waka flocka.

He reminds himself to remain focused, there isn’t time to get star struck. They reached out to him for his talents.

The fashion designer says he met Waka Flocka randomly at a Chick-fil-A and later designed a pair for him. He has since established a close relationship with the rapper and is set to appear in the artist's upcoming TV show.


Hood Picasso is an artist but first and foremost he is a tool for Christ. God gave him the ability to design and create, he says it all starts from God.

“Focus on what God put you here for, He is the most important focus on your journey,” Picasso said.

He credits God for never getting creative blocks when it comes to designs, and that his praise of God allows him to continually come up with designs.

In order to set his foundation for the day he reads a passage of the Bible. For him, this is just as important as brushing his teeth.

This is God’s plan for him he says, and “When you hop on your journey God works behind you, God comes up with the design”

It’s not just God either, he says without his parents he is nothing. “Work and then eat” is something he learned from his Dad. He learned true hard work from his dad, who worked tirelessly to provide for his family. His mother taught him persistence, to push and push hard.

His late mom and dad have always been his biggest supporters, he knows they are proud of all he has and will continue to achieve.

Hood Picasso is one of a kind. He is more than just a fashion designer, he is a person, a son, and a child of God. With the help of his team and the support of the man above Hood Picasso will continue to flow through life.

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