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Daz Merchant

Daz Merchant's love to create has propelled him to new heights of his career and he couldn’t be more than thankful for the opportunity and the people who have helped him along the way.

At 24, Daz designs and curates for the clothing brands Wish Me Luck and EB Denim. This winter, Daz released his first full length collection at Wish Me Luck while he simultaneously directs and casts EB Denim’s seasonal collections.

He started his fashion journey as a supreme kid growing up, waiting in line at 11am for that logo stamped Supreme hat. His style started to develop at a young age, his mom dressed him in polo and his dad in streetwear.

Daz said his style is always growing and maturing, which can be said about the other aspects of his life.

Daz finds a lot of his clothes thrifting and practices upcycling, which plays a role in his work with EB Denim. The women's Denim line is all upcycled clothing.

“Getting dressed is just a display of emotions and the mood for the day,” Daz said. For him there is no specific style, style is simply confidence and how people wear their clothes.


Growing up in Connecticut, being so close to New York, Daz often found himself skipping school to go to New York Fashion Week. Him and his best friend Alex Jones, the founder of Wish Me Luck became immersed in the youth fashion culture of NY.

From NY to Los Angeles, Daz initially failed at designing his own brand

but that didn’t stop him pursuing fashion. With experience under his belt coupled with the trust of his long time friend, Alex, Daz earned the opportunity to design and curate for Wish Me Luck. Throughout his time with the company, he has helped to expand and elevate the brand.

He waited for his turn, and when that time came, he capitalized on the opportunity. According to Daz, sitting back, watching his friends and learning from them was one of his biggest tools for success.


Daz often referred to Wish Me Luck and EB Denim as “one hand washing the other.” Daz said that although sometimes he is stretching himself thin, both go hand in hand when creating quality work.

With a busy schedule Merchant said “it gets stressful and tiring at points but being stressed is not a bad thing.”

He believes that being stressed simply means he's doing his best work. He described the loss of Virgil Abloh as being extra motivation for him to carry on the spirit to create.

Music and Clothes have gone hand in hand his whole life. Although being a creative director for clothing brands is time consuming, Daz is also continually progressing his music career.

Just recently, he signed with Good Karma records, the first web3 record label. Daz said he was skeptical at first, but with enough research and trust in the people around him, it really felt like a no-brainer. He believes that the world of NFTs contains the future of music and how we consume it.

Daz has big plans for 2022 with his music, he is “getting ready to head to Idaho to bunker down and record an album,” but says there are projects and singles ready to roll out.

Daz is nothing but thankful for the talented people he has been put around and how they have helped expand his sound and bring it to new levels.

“People have opened doors for me and I really want to be able to open those doors for other people,” Daz said.


Daz’s best advice for those just starting out is to build a team, and trust the people around you. That with a team you can build consistency and “keep the boat moving.”

This won’t be the last time you hear about Daz Merchant in 2022, with passion in everything he does and nothing but love to give to the people around him, Daz likely has every tool to succeed. With the growth in music and fashion everyday, Daz is expected to do big things..

You can find him on Twitter @DazMerchant and Instagram @neverr2late, but you should find his style and design in the streets soon enough.

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